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Opensched is a tool for project management. It takes as input a file describing the project and generates the following:

The textural description can be generated in one or more of raw text, HTML, and TeX formats. The Gantt charts and network diagrams are generated directly as EPS drawings. The package contains routines to convert these to GIFs and PNGs.


See here for the input file. Example of the output generated by opensched:


News about Opensched can be found on Freshmeat project page.


Opensched is distributed under the GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE).


Download from


FreeDSB: Download from FreshPorts OpenSched package page.

User Interface

The user interface to opensched is your favourite editor. Admittedly it shows my age that the file format is not XML. If you want a project planning tool that is strongly based on a GUI then look at


The original version of Opensched was developed by Idan Shoham <> and distributed via M-Tech. Subsequent development was taken over by Alan McIvor and distributed via SourceForge.


For any submission (bug, feature request, patch), consider using the tracking system. It accepts anonymous submission and permits all other users to be informed of what have been suggested yet. If you couldn't use it, your last chance is sending me an email.


A Doxygenized version of the source code can be browse online.


Thanks to SourceForge site for hosting this project.

Thanks to FreshMeat site for hosting the news of this project.

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